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CAD Studio Vyjadřovací portál

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Aplikace firmy CAD Studio určená pro agendu tzv. automatizace vyjadřování. Aplikace funguje jako průvodce, který uživatele provádí jednotlivými kroky zadávání žádosti o vyjádření k existenci sítí.
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CAD Studio Vyjadřovací portál


It is a flexible web application that allows you to enter individual request attributes in a structured way, communicate with users and services internal (eg RIAN) and external (eg ARES).

The application includes a map window allowing the applicant to draw the polygon of the area of ​​interest. The expression portal then evaluates whether the polygon drawn by the applicant encountered a conflict. operator networks.

The application can be run on its own resources in the form of on-premise, or it can be provided as a ready-made service from the cloud, without the need for an initial investment. A preview of the DEMO version of the application is available at: http://gisdemo.cadstudio.cz/vportal

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