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Autodesk Revit 2019 CS+

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BIM product for architectural design
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Autodesk Revit 2019 CS+
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Are you building projects? Do you need to increase work efficiency and 3D output quality? BIM Autodesk Revit is the right helper for you. Autodesk Revit is the leading software for BIM design.

It offers in particular:

Effective work on a single, coordinated model
All design information is stored in Revith in a single, coordinated database from which any reports, views, drawings or 3D perspectives can be generated immediately. Design changes are immediately reflected in all views and accompanying documentation, minimizing errors and omissions.

Design and visualization in 3D
In the Revit environment, you project in 3D. In any part of the design, you can easily create any view or perspective, slices or details. The Walker tool creates animated visualization of the project, which will facilitate communication with the customer by a detailed presentation of the virtual building.

Photorealistic rendering in the cloud
Subscription includes Autodesk 360 Rendering to help you create convincing photorealistic images and panoramas of your projects.

Enhanced documentation quality
Autodesk Revit automatically manages successive project changes and projects them into supporting documentation. Costs and risks of last-minute changes are minimal, documentation is always up to date.

Automaticly generated reports and material volumes
With automation of building elements reports, you have an accurate overview of quantities, materials and prices. Reports are generated from the model and are therefore up to date. The change in the report is automatically projected back into views, cuts and details.

Accelerate work with an extensive library of features
Part of the Revit is an extensive library of 2D details and 3D models of building elements. You can also create your own components. Libraries are compatible with all Revit family products.

Increased accuracy thanks to intelligent features
To represent the building elements (walls, furniture, windows, doors, etc.), Revit uses so-called families. These can have the built-in intelligence given by the parameters (height, width, material, price, fire resistance ...) and these parameters can be extracted from the BIM model at any time. You can create your own families without programming knowledge.

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