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CADStudio DwgText, Upgrade Excellink from previous versions

1 Rating Art.No.: S-0121009-9001
Allows to export/import texts/attributes and selected entity properities to/from DWG drawing.
Manufacturer: CAD StudioCAD Studio
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CADStudio DwgText, Upgrade Excellink from previous versions

The DwgText plugin allows to export/import texts, attributes and selected entity properties to/from your drawing. Exported data can be modified in Excel (or in the text file) and then you can bring them back into the AutoCAD DWG drawing. You can use DwgText for creating BOMs, text schedules, or for batch editing of drawing texts and their visual properties.

Compatible with AutoCAD 2019-2013


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Dexter rated: Time: 18:18 Date: 16.08.2017
Website payment doesn't work after multiple tries.
Then I let them know, with no answers or apologies.
Try again the next day and it works, but I'm being charged VAT when I shouldn't be.
Payment made and I still can't use the program when I have projects to get to clients.

The 2018 DWGTEXT trial version only allows 5 blocks to be populated for a month, not a good situation for an existing client who lives on the other side of the planet (opposite time zone), and needs things working with out hassle right away.

I have been using this program for years.