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Autodesk A360 Team Cloud, 2-Year Subscription Renewal - 1
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Autodesk A360 Team Cloud, 2-Year Subscription Renewal

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Team cooperation, design data share and manage from PC, tablet or smart phone
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Autodesk A360 Team Cloud, 2-Year Subscription Renewal

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Cloud application A360 Team is a universal platform for managing project data, easy sharing and commenting in teams, on any platform, and thanks to the mobile device from any location. It is designed for construction and engineering projects. You can search the data inside the project and CAD files. Secure, centralized repository frees you from dependence on insecure methods for sending files such as FTP or e-mail. At any time you have the latest information about new releases, comments, questions, cooperators, external links, calendar events, users, and other activities associated with the project. You do not need to have any special knowledge - work only in the Internet browser.

Autodesk A360 Team combines, organizes and manages information about your team and individual projects. Access to all types of design data from anywhere, on any device. Built-in viewer 2D and 3D data (large model viewer, LMV) based on WebGL natively supports more than 100 types of the most common project and design CAD ​​/ BIM formats, including Autodesk and competing formats and including additional formats, such as office documents, presentations or spreadsheets. All this with an interactive viewing in normal web browser, without the need to install additional plug-in modules. 3D models can be viewed on mobile (and offline).

CAD data sets can be displayed including the tree structure, you can display information about the properties of individual components. You can view the report shootout with optional levels of decay. Built is a photorealistic renderer 3D data. You can search and filter text content CAD draft (ie. Deep search) - so easy to see the need all seals in the assembly machine, all doors in the building. 2D and 3D CAD data can comment on 2D data and to measure - see . Upload data can handle the relationships between files, you can easily upload an entire folder, for example, reports, and applications create links between files. The documents can then be accessed from any device, including tablets and phones, with maximum security and encryption, significantly safer than sending files via e-mail or via FTP.

Data can share not only collaborators on the project, but if you want even publicly. Sample Interactive CAD Viewer (3D Inventor assembly.) - Eg for inclusion on your web site:

Commercial version

Besides the limited free version of the A360 from December 2014 is available in Europe and commercial versions A360 Team, through the annual "Cloud Subscription". Zzahrnuje 10 gigabytes of space and an unlimited number of projects.

Supported CAD formats

Autodesk A360 Team supports opening and viewing CAD files in the following formats:

  • 3D CAD models:
    • 3DM (Rhino)
    • 3DS (3D Studio)
    • ASM
    • CAM360
    • CATParts (Catia)
    • CGR
    • DAE (Collada)
    • DLV3
    • DWF
    • DWFX
    • DWG (AutoCAD)
    • DWT
    • EXP
    • F3D (Fusion 360)
    • FBX
    • G (Pro / E Granite)
    • IAM (Inventor)
    • IFC
    • IGE
    • IGES
    • IGS
    • IPT (Inventor)
    • JT
    • MODEL (Catia V4)
    • NEU
    • NWC
    • NWD (Navisworks)
    • OBJ
    • PRT (Pro / E, Creo)
    • RCP (RECAP)
    • RVT (Revit)
    • SAB
    • SAT (ACIS)
    • SIM
    • SIM360
    • SKP (SketchUp)
    • SLDASM
    • SLDPRT (SolidWorks)
    • SMB
    • SMT
    • STE
    • GRAFT
    • STL
    • Push
    • STLB
    • STP
    • WIRE
    • X_B (Parasolid)
    • x_t
    • XAS
    • XPR
    • ZIPPER
  • Images and multimedia:
  • Office, documents:
    CSV, DOC, docm, DOCX, DOT, .dotm, .dotx, ODP, ODS, ODT, PDF, PS, POT, POTM, .potx, PPA, PPS, .ppsm, .ppsx, PPT, PPTM, PPTX, RTF, TXT, XLS, XLSX,


System Requirements

A360 Team works in all web browsers, for interactive viewing CAD data is needed Google Chrome or Firefox or Safari. Mobile applications are designed for the A360 IOS7.0 and higher (see iTunes) and Android 4.0.3 and higher (see Google Play).

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